Odd Christmas Gifts For Musicians

Buying a Christmas gift for a musician is a hard task. This is because most of the musicians own the entire discography. This requires the person to go outside the box. Odd Christmas gifts which can be given to the musicians are of many varieties. Musicians are a rare breed who likes much what they do. Most of the musicians cannot stray far from their favorite brands. This means that a few of the musicians are the one who can go practical gifts.

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for your favorite musician? The following is the list of 10 gifts that can help you to choose perfectly:

Sterling silver love note necklace

This is an odd Christmas gift for a musician. It is made of a sterling silver. This is gifts that can the right note with the musician you love. In addition the necklace comes with lover notes which are pretty.

Music home instruction T-shirt

Many musicians who play trumpet play it in their own tune. This T-shirt can give a reason why they toot their own hit. This is an amazing Christmas gift that features an image of a trumpet at the top. This can be of fun to the trumpet lovers and players of all ages.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro head phones


Many musicians are obsessed with music. This is why they require the sennheiser HD headphones. These headphones have a light weight and a more bass. When the musicians are recording, they are required to have large and balanced headphones. This is a great gift that can create memories to the musician mind.


Styophone reto pocket syth

Weather theremine or a noise maker, musician’s love toys a lot. This is a way of creativity and unlocking the new ways of music loving. This item is a recreation of the 1967 version that included the pitch blend ability.

Monkey manual for song writers

This is an odd Christmas gift for a musician. It is funny with good insights in it. They include the basics of song writing. It is written by songwriters to the other song writers.

Everett guitar


This is an amazing Christmas item for a musician. Even if it is expensive, it is worth it. When the musician receiver plays the Everett; he/she is in the sound that it creates.



Icarta iPod stereo toilet paper holder


The bathroom is one of the places that serve many purposes of the musicians. This is a gorgeous gift item which has a dual function. It can play music from an iPod device. It also includes the dispensation of the favorite toilet paper.



Flipper guitar spatula

This is an electronic guitar spatula which is made of silicone. It is an odd Christmas gift for a musician. It is dishwasher safe. It is the best gift that a musician can appreciate.

Ukeke kit


This is an odd Christmas gift. It was the only instrument which was favored by Tiny Tim. This is a gorgeous gift to be given to the musician



Music notes pewter cuff bracelet

This is a unique Christmas gift that can be given to a musician. This is a gift that the musician will like to show. It is cast to the hand in pewter. The cuff is engraved with notes related to music. Although expensive, it is a great gift.

All the above gifts are amazing.They deserve to be odd gifts which can be given to the musicians during the Christmas festival. You need to appreciate your favorite musicians with gift like these.