About desiFest


desiFest is a celebration of South Asian culture that happens annually each year in Canada. The festival is put on by a non-profit organization that has the goal of growing the culture and art scene flourishing in the South Asian communities in Toronto and other parts of Canada. The movement has since spread to include the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. This celebration is unique as it is the only one of its kind to celebrate the music of South Asian artists that can be found in Canada.

In the past, desiFest has featured some of the most popular artists from Canada, the UK, the US, India, Pakistan and other countries with a strong South Asian influence. The festival aims to show the world the rich and vibrant music that comes from those with roots in South Asian countries. The festival also acts to unify the local communities through great music and awareness of a differing culture.

The fest acts to help new South Asian artists find success with help to reach their audience. Artists who work with desiFest can expect help with business planning, public relations, marketing and music production. Those who are just breaking into the industry can have maximum exposure at an event that welcomes their unique style and musical talent. Festival performers also have access to professionals who can help them with grants and financing options.

Those who visit desiFest will be pleased with the selection of artists who appear each year. The festival has visited 3 different cities in the first five years of its beginning and is looking to expand further in future years. This musical celebration is family friendly and offers a great opportunity to expose children to a unique type of music and artists who are on the verge of great success. desiFest has volunteer opportunities for anyone who wishes to offer their time to helping promote these artists. Businesses or individuals who wish to offer financial support to the event can do so through a sponsorship.


Another interesting for those who visit desiFest is the unique opportunity to surprise your friend, relative, brother or sister or your loved one. Every year some of the artists make Valentine’s Day unforgettable for a lot of couples because it is the most romantic time of year. With a special program, they help people to surprise someone. Some people may choose to celebrate this special day by taking their relationship to the next level and for desiFest is a pleasure to help them. If you haven’t decided where to go on Valentine’s Day you can choose the destination! 

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